By Nanzy19

Raindrops on windshield

After a morning appointment, we went to visit old friends for a gourmet lunch. Their son and daughter-in-law moved in with them about a month ago and are excellent cooks - bonus!  They're looking to buy a house on Vancouver Island but haven't had any luck, so starting on Saturday they're renting a place on VI so they don't have to take the ferry back and forth when they find a house they want to have a look at. 
We had a rainfall warning and had an incredible rain amount of rain overnight and all day.  When we drove home in the dark, the culvert down by the beach was overflowing, and there was lots of gravel and water on the road.  The road washed out there before and I'm hoping that we'll be able to get to town tomorrow.  We'll see.
The recent windstorm was the most severe ever recorded by BC Hydro and the stats from the damage are incredible.  Hoping that this rain doesn't bring flooding and more damage.  We did hear reports of raging rivers on Vancouver Island and flooding on the news.  :( 

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