Wild Oats?

This stalk of Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium) is a filler in the bouquet, I do like its shape and the way the seeds are semi-transparent against the light.
For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting :-)

This afternoon we went to pick up son no 2 from the other house. With Christmas over it's time to bin the real Christmas trees without roots. For most of the past years the bin men would take the trees from the sidewalks on a fixed collection date but last year they started a one-day recycle plan with fixed collection places and a competition for children to collect and bring the most trees. Unfortunately not everybody is aware of this plan, or can't be bothered ... This is the second year in a row that some people dumped their rather enormous Nordman firs in front of our house, while we're rather sure that there is no collection point there. So, we struggled getting it from the sidewalk and halfway into my car (it was that big!) and then I drove it very slowly and carefully to the nearest collection point. We found a lonely bird decoration still in the tree, see the extra. Pondering if I'd show it on local FB sites with a lost and found note (I'm still wondering what kind of people dump trees in front of other people's houses, I mean if you got a tree like that (about 2.5 mtrs tall and 1.5 mtrs wide) and can be bothered to bring it to another person's house then why can't you bring it to a collection point?) At least I made some children happy at the collection point by saying they could count this found tree with theirs for the competition.

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries and for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's eyetwisting lines. The eye is a peep hole, so people can see what's happening at the building site.

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