By wellsforzoe

Spreadsheets and more

3rd January 2019

I take it that Martina in teaching to fill data onto a spreadsheet.
Chrissy ( closest) is just back after her 3 months Maternity leave and is getting up to speed for her new job which will involve Spreadsheets, Databases and the Cloud.

It is stunning how quickly these women and girls can get up to speed with a world they have never imagined a few months ago.

Martina did the equivalent of the Leaving Cert over a year ago, came to us looking for a job, bright as a button, but no fees to do the Nursing Degree that she had qualified for. But her results ended up so good that all she has to pay are fees, so we have a donor for her.

She is here during her holidays to help out with any jobs needed.

She is a determined and powerfully gentle,  young woman, doing it on her own. We are so proud of her

Her First Semester Exam results read: (71,75, 85 and 86)% 

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