Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

That's more like it!

Fed up of the pens, but sticking at it for a while longer. 
I escaped to Betty's where there are none, got out my paints and played.
3 hours later I returned home with 24 glowing things to call cards.
And give away to people instead of a flower of something.
Here are some of them, plus the daily artcard.
It sort of worked too.
Another quiet day for both of us, mostly rain related.
I'll just leave that there for you to ponder.
It is winter, there should be snow, there is snow.
And now rain all over it.
And plus 4 till midnight, blah.
No precipitation in sight either so no skiing either, not till we get some proper snow.
Feeling very grateful for my work room at Betty's, so cosy and welcoming.
Happy to have an easy meal of left-over soup and new falafel.
And ice cream with added shortbread biscuit.
Time for a bit of TV perhaps?
Or my quite interesting book about the British, written by an American journalist married to a Brit, living in the UK.
A Field Guide to the British, Sarah Lyall.

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