Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Tees Newport Bridge

Today I finished the accounts for the barbering :)  

Tomorrow I will be re-arranging the walls and doing a new window display.... It's important to keep everything looking fresh.  It's always a difficult choice, especially the window, as it's the window that grabs the attention of people driving past (The Gallery is on a one way street) and it's the main road into Thirsk.  The importance of getting the window right is critical to drawing in the crowds.  All to often, I'll just finish the display and it sells, which is great - then I have to start all over again! (lol)

Later this month, we're going to introduce a studio in the rear of gallery, so paintings can be done in the gallery and I think it will generate a whole new interest for people walking by - we all know that people are naturally curious to what will be getting painted.  All artwork in gallery is limited to one of one, so it is a case of - when it's gone it gone! never to be repeated.  

After I locked up today, I drove a bit further up the A19 and noticed that the Tees Newport Bridge has got another new lease of life with alternating colour changes - Stockton Council really do have a thing about illuminations (which I approve of :))  

It's weekend eve!  'Carry on Blipping!' :))

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