By Arachne


Others are available. Plenty. Can you guess which one owns this window?

First thing this morning daughter wanted some help with an essay which left me only just enough time to select, process, resize and upload some photos before a deadline. I put off a work call and made it with 19 minutes to spare. 

Then took the work call. 

Then had my first look at a piece of music that I'm singing in a concert in a week's time that I absolutely promised I would start learning before Christmas. It's hard. I knew that.

Then took another work call which resulted in having to phone someone else. (It's my day off.)

Then hand delivered an envelope (for work, of course) and took a slight detour with the camera.

Then had another read of the essay then went out for a family birthday meal.

And now I'm sitting in the same room as daughter as she finishes her essay - to be uploaded within two hours and 19 minutes. 

May I go to bed please?

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