By dogwithnobrain

Just Give me A second, and i'll be alright.

I was going to start sorting out the receipts from our holiday to America this year.   

I got as far as taking them out of the bag, and then looked through them, and frowned at each one, looked at the name, the items on the receipt and then laughed. 

There's Dandilion Market, where we had the BEST food ever, and the best chat with our Boy in years.   Loads of talking and smiles went down that night. 

There's the Jack Daniels Ticket - what a place that was.  So Hick, but so amazing and clever and perfect.  And so hot 103 f that day. 

The Shenandoah National Park - what a beautiful drive that was; only just opened after picking up the trees felled during the hurricane.  It was the only part of our trip we hadn't contemplated the hurricane impacting - and it was the one place which had been hit - trees down and the roads closed.  We arrived 15 minutes after it had reopened after a week.

THere's the Broadway Brewhouse in Nashville. Wow - it's surprisng I even remembered that. Nashville was such an assault on the whole system - but at least we had the sense to eat something before we got completely and utter Nashvilled.   Can't believe we nearly spent 300Dollars on Cowboy boots. 

There's the Seawitch Tiki Hut - where we celebrated J.'s Birthday with Shrimp .... and beer - and of course we then went to the Fat Pelican, possibly the best bar in the WHOLE world. 

Edward Teach.... the home of the best laugh from a BarMan in the world.  And where we left the Kids with a lasting memory - we bought them Ambassador passes - they can fill themselves up on cheap beer - in BIG mugs -and extra cheap on Tuesdays. 

Ironclad Brewery, Heist Brewery, Greenman, Wicked Weed, Highwire, Funkatorium, oh dearie me.  

Yes, we did a lot of breweries. 

It's gonna take me a while to get through this. 

I may be some time.

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