Llygad y dydd

By Charlalaliz

The tale of a door

I went round Rhyl today taking photos of doors for another uni project - this being an archive or collection. It fits in with the overall theme of decay in the local area, but I'm more interested in the story behind each door - what lies inside the building and why? This was my favourite door scene that I photographed - I love how everything is padlocked up, yet theres the chair and bike thing out in the open..

When photographing one door, a man came up to me and said 'can i help you?' - I said no thanks, to which he replied 'well that's my gate you're photographing, i bet you're from the council aren't you?!'. I was lost for words....did he really think I was from the council? I explained that it was a uni project and he said 'ohhh thats fine then, good luck'. His mood changed so quickly!

My physiotherapy appointment went really well today - i FINALLY know what's wrong with my shoulder! Basically my shoulder blade doesn't move when my arm moves, and thats what's causing the pain. It'll be a long process to get the muscles working, but she said that it's do-able, which is good news as far as i'm concerned!

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