BloodHeart ❤️

I want to keep a record of this because I’m hoping it is a positive sign that all of the healing thoughts and prayers are working. Thankyou for yours.

I get the full results on the 23rd of January to determine wether I will require a second surgery to remove more or all of my breast and will also find out if any of the invasive cells from the tumour have spread to the lymph nodes that were removed from here, so when I saw this little bloodheart under my arm in the early hours of this morning it was like finding a four leaf clover.

you have to zoom in to see it but it made me smile from the inside out. Thankyou for all of your comments and encouragement I really appreciate them.

I was up and dressed and driven to Marks&Spencers late morning where the lady fitted me with very tight front fastening after surgery bras which must be worn day and night for 2 weeks. Despite feeling like I’m trussed up in a straight jacket they contribute to the healing process and give a degree of pain relief. I was shattered afterwards and fell asleep for 2hours this afternoon. My friend that is looking after me asked if there was anything I wanted particularly to eat? yes I replied. Broccoli ;-)

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