Annie's In Oregon

By anniescottage

Anniversary 28

Dropping off my rental car, checking my bags and going through security on this below freezing morning at O-Dark-Hundred had me in a sweat. Thank you, Grandma Johnson, for those wonderful, fully functional sweat glands. As some of you know, morning...and time...are not my forte. My heart pounded a bit when I heard the lady tell the next passenger who was trying to catch a different plane than mine, that it was too late for him to check in. It was less than a half hr before boarding or take off, I didn’t catch which. I didn’t stick around to hear the rest of that story.
Twenty eight years ago today, I was grafted in to the Hunt family when I married David. Today, I leave knowing that we have done well finding a new home for Dad Hunt, one he is as happy as he can be to be moving into. In a building he, himself, inspected many times when he was with the Fire Dept....which seems like just yesterday. He has been my hero on so many occasions. Always watching out for his children...all of us. It seemed there was nothing he wouldn’t do to help, and it has been such a joy spending time with him and Therese, and doing what I could do to help navigate them through these unexpected rapids. A piece of my heart remains in Silvis forever.

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