Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The dark loch

Loch Eck, seen below the camera in this photo, stretching westward between the hills, is famously dark, primarily because of the steeply-rising forested hills on either side. You can see how it lightens further away, while below me it's black. At least there is a little colour in this - I was becoming so tired of uniformly grey skies and the resultantly tedious photos I've been taking. Perhaps I need to look around indoors for more interesting blips ...

However, I enjoyed this afternoon's little hike. Note that we've reverted to afternoon walking, which meant we came down in treacherous gloom at 4.30pm - life sort of got in the way in the morning, which to me signifies normality as opposed to everyone-else-is-on-holiday idleness. It's a steep pull up to this particular balcony path/forestry road, satisfyingly tiring (though we met two cyclists cycling down the steep bit, one with huge caution, and a fell-runner pounded past in the gloaming). I enjoyed what bits of view we could see, though in the time since we've last been there mini-conifers have sprouted to above head height immediately beside the path - do you think we should take along a pruning saw?

And now it's the eve of Epiphany. My tree will remain up till the Magi have safely arrived; it's still in fine shape because it's only been up for a couple of weeks. Monday will see the decorations back into the loft, if I stick to my intentions, the schools will be back, Pilates classes should resume.

I might even need to buy more food ...

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