By dfb24

Upside down Mae

Tom and I brought Mae along with us to go look for the owls today, but we didn't find them. I'd brought the photography ball along and thought as long as I had it I'd try another picture. I set it up on a small piece of brick wall that was still standing along the back of the cemetery, then was fiddling with my camera, looked up, and saw this! It just made me laugh! Mae said "Hey, grandma, it's just like the wicked witches' in the Wizard of Oz"!!  (Her new favorite movie). She was fascinated, so I told her to hold still while I took a picture. Today is also our twin granddaughters birthday--10 already! I spent part of the morning texting back and forth with them, and we'll face time later today. A beautiful day for a birthday! 
Thanks to admirer for her SillySaturday challenge! :))

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