Wriggling jelly worms

The parents had a lot of things to do today so Maddie asked if she could come and do some experiments. What fun we had. She looked at the experiment cards and decided she wanted to do Marshmallow construction, jumping rainbows and wriggly jelly worms. This was the wriggly jelly worms experiment which involved soaking jelly worms in a solution of baking soda and water for 15 minutes and then submerging them in vinegar. The subsequent fizz caused them to wriggle round the flask. While the worms were soaking she did the jumping rainbows which you can see at the back. This involved measuring water into 3 test tubes, adding drops of food colouring and rolling sheets of kitchen towel to soak up the coloured water from the test tubes. Marshmallow construction needed marshmallows and cocktail sticks and she made a triangle, a square and a heptagon. She wants to come back tomorrow to do some more! She had the protective T shirt on inside out but was far too busy to take it off and change it.

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