Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

SILLY SD Card!!!

SILLY technology grrrrr!

I needed to download today’s photos rather than just Wi-fi them to the phone/iPad so decided to do both cameras and a full card whilst I was at it. Trying to be very organised and tidy I added the December files to my 2018 EHD from all the cards first, then went back to the first card to get my January files...error message to the effect the card needed formatting before it would work!

In the end that’s all I could do and I’m now waiting for RescuePro to rescue this SILLY damsel in distress! I may be some time!

Moral of the story download the files daily or failing that change cards at the beginning of the month! SILLY me had also waited until the last minute to do a project which will end tonight....normal service will resume tomorrow :)

Thanks to admirer for hosting.

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