By bulldozia


I'd seen the mechanical sculptures before, but never actually in motion.  So we went into town and managed to grab a ticket for a promenade show of Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre at Trongate 103.

They're pretty amazing. One by one they light up and crank into action, with some atmospheric pre-recorded music. Wheels, levers, treadles, pulleys, bells, and a staggering array of human-animal figurines. Many of them seem to be engaged in futile repetitive labour, not unlike many of the functionaries and prisoners of the Soviet regime the artist Eduard Bersudksy grew up under.

No photos allowed, though, so this one of the St Enoch Centre will have to do, a token of our wanderings in search of a 20cm cake tin.  The boy got a Beginner's Cook Book for Christmas, and it was time to prepare his first meal.

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