Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I present... the spicy omelette wrap.

Tired of having to eat omelettes from a plate with a fork? Simply roll up the omelette in a thin, flexible flour tortilla wrap and instantly transform your eggy treat into a portable and convenient marvel which can be carried - and eaten - single-handedly...


I was impressed, anyway. I suggested that I could make these the next time we have people round only to be informed that only if it were just my people and only then if it were a small subset thereof, specifically just my dad. I shall nevertheless work on increasing the ovoidity and flat wrappableness of the foodstuff by evolving it into an omelette wrapped in a pancake, adding a fried egg as the central component to form thrice eggs and thence to a poached egg packed in scrambled eggs wrapped in a fried egg wrapped in an omelette wrapped in a pancake wrapped finally in a wrap specially-made with some egg in it somewhere. Possibly sprinkled with meringue. The latter for special occasions and particularly keen egg-fans, of course.

Following some internal shufflings our department spent its first day in its new locatinn two floors down today. Due to some timely bleating I bagged a window seat with no-one behind me as far from another team's shouting shoutyface as possible. The only downside is that it's right next to a radiator but that can easily be mitigated with a sheet or towel and the natural light is well worth sweating lightly for. I shall report further upon further assessment.

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