The World According to Biskit

While Mrs W and  I were enjoying our Sunday morning cup-of-tea in bed Biskit noticed that since we have bought our new electric beds (which are quite a bit higher that the old divan) he can now see easily out of the window, and he spotted the lights of the traffic on the A15 and the road from the village.  That wasted quarter of an hour!
He was a bit surprised when Mrs W raised the foot end of her bed and he could see even more.  He hasn’t noticed this since he was a few months old and found he could see out of the window if he sat on Mrs W.
Still got the lurgy I’m afraid so limited photo energy today – and the telephone was a bit limited in what it could manage under the conditions. PS came to the rescue plus a bit of extra faffing to make up for something . . .  I’ll attempt some commenting later (using the telephone I expect) if I can see through the fug.

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