Earthquake Prone

To be fair, any building is earthquake prone, but some are certainly more than others. Normally when I come to Wellington these days I am very picky. Must be relatively new, and/or relatively low rise and ideally not in town.

In this case the conference was being held at the Mercure Willis St, and it ticked the "not in town box", but failed the age and low rise tests miserably. This sign I believe suggest the building as at around the 33% of code standard, meaning, it won't perform well in an earthquake. Sooo, not staying there again obviously and I won't let people book accommodation for me in Wellington. There's no question, a big quake is going happen here, and I'd rather not be under a pile of rubble. Is it ethical to allow people to stay here and the repair has to be effected by 2027 (!)? Who knows.

Anyway, a few more great conference sessions, including one from the social media person at Tourism NZ. Very refreshingly honest.

And then out to the airport, and delays. Big weather in the upper North Island, so many flights cancelled. Hoping I'll get home.

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