Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Infinity in Blue

A more leisurely start to the day as the gallery doesn't open till 11am on a Sunday and I had breakfast in bed courtesy of BA :))  (fresh orange juice and yogurt)

After closing a little shop was done for BA's lunch tomorrow and then I headed back to the Infinity Bridge :))

I arrived at 4pm and the lights were off, so I waited until then switched on (4:30) only because the river was still and I knew the reflection in blue hour would be worth the wait! 

Back home to homemade lentil soup which was delicious.  

Blipped and now time to watch some gogglebox that I've recorded (with a bit of Christmas Pud  - Naught but nice!)

Hope you're all had a great weekend  'Carry on Blipping!' :))

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