By strawhouse

To the North

We set off on our first expedition in Marshall today. Exciting!!!
Naturally we hadn't even thought about packing until this morning so we set off hours later than planned. Nothing new there!!
But at the crack of 12.30pm we were off. 
Seventeen years later we arrived at our campsite - Link House Farm at High Newton-by-the-Sea. 
Blimey, Northumberland is a long way!!
In no time at all we were tucking into bread and cheese - we're not ones to let a three hundred mile journey interrupt our Christmas routine! It was so luxurious cooking in a proper oven, eating at a table and cranking up the heating full blast. 
And then to bed. The Little Misses love climbing up the ladder to their little den!
Watching Mr K set up our bed was quite something to behold. It was like watching an episode of The Krypton Factor!!! Ha ha ha, he eventually got it done and we snuggled down in our amazing sleeping bag - like two duvets sewn together - and listened to The Mysterious Affair at Styles on Audible. The ABC Murders on telly the other day gave us a taste for Agatha Christie.
The amazing heating and the amazing sleeping bag combined to make me very sleepy. And ridiculously hot!! 

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