Out and About

By Puffin

Castle Howe

Plans to explore more of the canal today were scuppered by the late arrival of the promised sunny intervals and a massive traffic jam in Kendal. I abandoned my car in a side road and set off to explore parts of Kendal I had not been to before. I found the site of the old Norman motte and bailey castle that was used until the 12C. Bizarrely the motte has upon it,  a huge obelisk built in 1788 to celebrate 100 years since the "Glorious Revolution" in 1688. I was scratching my head to think what revolution took place in 1688.  Google tells me it was when Protestant William & Mary were offered the throne and Catholic James II fled to France. On top of the old motte I was higher than most buildings in the town and enjoyed wonderful views in the short lived sunny interval. The extra is the view from the bailey across the town roofs to the newer but still ruined castle.

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