By Strathearn

Coffee and Tinder thoughts!

Having taken a friend to hospital for an MRI scan. (He is not doing very well) I had time to scan through the phone and was a little disappointed when looking at Instagram and I saw a young lady I have been helping recently displaying her newest achievement from Tinder. Having been witness to the fall out of the most recent two encounters I was really disappointed. Such a terrible way of trying to find love, based initially on looks, (everyone puts best photo on with wobbly bits hiding away) then they turn up, usually one night stand and block them the next day, it’s called ghosting! What’s wrong with good old fashioned meeting places. Need some kind of social revival! Anyway as a proactive individual I shall put my thinking cap on and perhaps come up with a revolutionary idea! Perhaps over a coffee! Fortunately happily married, we did meet through but we had common interests, standards and foundations!

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