Capturing my Journey

By healingdoglady

Put your legs in the air

Like you just don't care. On the windy afternoon walk. It got so wild the weather station was reading 50mph as seen in top left photo. The caravan was getting hit by the wind so we reversed the tractor in behind it to deflect the wind.

I managed my morning run before the wind picked up too much but it was still a head wind on the steady incline. Getting faster at 2 miles and slowly working into the 3rd.

Husband and I went to get a few bits and bobs in inverurie, mainly dog food and some petrol. Also some paint for the homemade partition in the back of the pick up. My next calm dry day job.

10c decreasing with wind chill. 20 - 30mph gusting to over 50mph. Occasional squalls

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