Everyday Life

By Julez

There's always one!

Well today I had less to do than normal on a Tuesday, due to getting the town stuff out of the way yesterday, when I went to have my eyes tested. So I have tidied up a bit and made food early so Jae could have fish pie before work - since it's his favourite! It means all I have to do when Zeph and I have tea is bung it in to cook, and the cooking pots are already washed also! 

I had a walk to take photos, and decided to go with this shot of some gulls in the Arboretum, mostly because the one on the right is mucking about! I think he was actually scratching his head!

I hope my Credit Card bill comes soon. I daren't buy anything else until I know how much I have spent already. The sales will be over soon! That said I bought a couple of things yesterday that I'd previously liked but decided I couldn't afford at full price in M&S, since they were now a more reasonable half price!

Time to catch up with a bit of hobby stuff now!

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