By Shutterup


It is always nice to see the young cows in the field.  They are so inquisitive and if you stand quietly they slowly come to say hello.  This little one has such a delightful face.. l don't know about you but l think the blonde eyelashes make it look so gentle.
We had wall to wall sun and blue sky today.. but the wind was very chilly.  
All in all a busy day with no rest for the wicked.. the foodbank has gone crazy.. so many people in need.  I have introduced a no carrier bag policy for this month and whilst there are some teething problems it is improving slowly.  Today only one voucher went out in our bags.. the other vouchers (because they were laid out in trays for display) went away in bags that the clients brought in!!  Absolutely delighted .. l mean what is the point of repeat visitors taking three 10p bags each time they come when they could be given them the first time and on returning could reuse them.  Having the food displayed in boxes has just brought home the message and made them think about the bag situation.  Small steps... 

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