What a smell....

.....if I pass through Wolverhampton at the right time.

Banks's and Marstons is right on the ring road so often when you drive past there is an almighty smell of beer being made, hops and barley galore.

Fact: Marston's is the largest brewer of cask ales in the world.

As I was in the (BIG) works van, I set off a lot earlier than I normally would as I couldn't do my cut throughs and narrow lanes. It was pleasantly quiet around Wolverhampton but I must have stopped at every set of traffic lights which I can tell you is a lot.

It was a much more enjoyable drive home back in the Scirocco I can tell you. Later on there was more organising stuff in all three bedrooms as I now have a lot more storage in the man-cave and I can have all my gear organised like never before....so satisfying.

Mr Bo Hingles

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