By WharfedaleBex

Great tit great sky

I confess to writing off the little guys most of the time.  But there's been something about the blue sky over the last two days that's made them really appealing again.  

Yesterday's blue tit was showing off his blue sky camouflage and today, this great tit was demonstrating when those garish yellow feathers come in really handy.

This afternoon, I've had an entertaining eye test ever with the funniest optometrist ever.  I was preparing myself for the usual repetition, reciting in the car the usual singing voice, 

"Which is sharper, number one or number two  ...one or two?"
"Which is clearer, A or B  ...A or B? 
"Which is sharper, number one or number two  ...one or two?"
"Which is clearer, A or B  ...A or B? 

So, I'm fairly certain she used these questions in there somewhere but I honestly can't remember because as she was initially checking my eyes, she whispered, "Are you a coconutty person too?"  We went on to laugh about our similar choices in body lotion, hatred for shopping, love of dogs, need for varifocals so you can craft and watch TV, etc, etc.  I'd like to think she was more nutty than me - certainly way more extrovert - but we were probably a fair match otherwise.

After breaking the lens in my current pair, two new pairs of glasses have been ordered - I'm trying varifocals for a disconcerting number of increasing reasons including needle felting and watching TV; taking photos without tipping my head back 45 degrees to check the photo; and cooking without taking my glasses on and off.

I hope they work.  I'd like them to work. But I've heard it's touch and go. I have one pair of normal distance glasses and the other varifocals.  Fingers crossed.

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