Colourful Grebe

When is a Great Northern Diver not a Great Northern Diver? 
When it's a Great Crested Grebe of course!  Silly me! 

Having walked with my really heavy lens and tripod for six miles - yes SIX - and seen what, even when zoomed in on the camera, was an incredibly tiny spec of possibly a GND on choppy water, I was pleased. No binoculars on me I had been reliant on a couple in the car park who had seen it here, given me directions and said there was nothing else around. Utterly convinced I had got my quarry and utterly exhausted too, I was dismayed to see when on the big screen at home, it didn't look much like one. 

Good job I'd taken a shot, which I've had a play with, of a grebe through the fencing on the way home!

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