Fiddler on the roof

This is the time of year when we've often been aboard planes as they left the English skies to head to warmer climes. This year, what with one medical thing and another, we've nothing planned. So the highest height Mr PP reached today was the roof - applying at least a temporary fix to a leak. (The next heavy rain will tell.)

No sign of rainclouds today - it's been glorious from sunrise to sunset. And in my Extra you'll spot a hint of snowdrops - they're just beginning to show colour - if white counts as a colour. While Mr PP was on the roof I pottered around the garden, on hand to steady the platform-ladder when required. Lots of sweeping up and deadheading and the like. The campanula is flowering (still or already - depending how you look at it). Funny seasons!

(This is Mr PP's second ascent of the roof in the past few weeks - the first only 9 months after his hip-replacement. Isn't he doing well!)

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