Balts & Celts

Today just disappeared. 

We had a number of people coming into the office for various reasons, and whilst none of them came to see me, my input was needed and it all kept me away from the usual paperwork. 

The Goth was back for the first time in many weeks following surgery - and is now relieved of the chronic pain she endured before. Good to see. 

It was the first Gaelic class of 2019 tonight, and within 10 minutes I was enjoying the challenges it presents - so different from the demands of work and so stimulating. 

Running out to work at 08:15 (just about daylight) and getting home after Gaelic at 19:30 makes for a long day, and not much Blipping opportunity. 

Today it really is a Blip for Blip’s sake. Guess we all have those occasionally, when we’d like to have done better but life got in the way. 

It’s the certificate I received at the end of last year for completing level 1 of the Gaelic course. This evening I saw a post on Facebook with a “tree” of languages and I guess it was all in my mind. Almost hidden by the massive branches of the likes of Romance, Slavic and Germanic you can just make out a little twig representing the Celtic ones and similar one for the two Baltic ones (Latvian and Lithuanian). 

English is a Germanic language… of course. 

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