Home grown

Yesterday I showed my tomatoes some love. Somewhere along the way I've missed some laterals and I have an array of string supports holding up trusses and branches laden with fruit.

If the weather remains consistently warm I'll have a good crop.

These are Money Makers, a favourite of Dad's that he grew with great success. A couple of Sweet 100s will be ready to eat by the weekend. My tomatoes and peppers are slower this year because of our cool, grey November and much of December.

At work I animated bits and pieces and attended some in-house training. The real excitement was talking with my landscaper after work.

He's making progress. We talked about some of the later stages of the work and I'll need to check a few things with the designer.

I'll let him remove the remaining plants. I've done most of the removal. I don't need a flax frond or a branch poking my stitches.

I must take a photo of the view from the street. Late yesterday I marked what needs removing with fluro spray paint. With the wind I ended up wearing most of it.

Today's gratitude: For the couple who took my last 4 buckets of stones and rocks. They've saved me a trip to the river to liberate them and their son's sandpit has a base under it. Dad would have laughed.

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