Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

What a lovely morning...

In fact it’s been a pretty good day. I finally got down to typing change of address notes to all the important things like DWP, States Income Tax, Social Security, Civil Service Payroll and so it goes on and on. Posted the mainland ones and after swimming put the local ones through their letter boxes.

Than bought all the bits and bobs I need for next weeks holiday. I also bought a few Guernsey souvenirs for Shrewsbury U3A who have invited me on a walk and a couple of books on Guernsey folklore that will be useful for my walking guide studies. And to keep me busy on holiday a kindle book on grisly murders over here.
So I can spend the afternoon watching telly and crocheting while learning the bellringing method I have asked to ring on my 70th birthday. It’s called Seventieth Birthday Doubles and the fact that not a single band rang it for Prince Charles’ 70th might have been a clue that it’s not straightforward!
My only outstanding task is to design two sheets of A4 with information about the island and my parish. Getting the information is easy but how to design the page layout without either PhotoShop which I no longer subscribe to or Publisher which can’t be used on a Mac is a problem to be solved. I’ve never found Pages easy to manipulate but maybe now is the time I have to learn!

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