The Way of Colour

By Beachcomber149


9.3C fairly grey and cloudy, but not really dull. An odd spot or two or rain. Light WNW/NW breeze.

After lunch Fergus and I went for a walk out to the old shipyard and wandered out the shore path to Slaty Farlan and on out the new path towards the second gate. There were one or two blue patches amongst the cloud but mostly it wasn't bright.

On the Clip while walking:
BBC Radio Scotland, the media review.

The Infinite Monkey Cage (Podcast):
The Science of Magic

Radio Scotland's Brainwaves Podcast:
Pennie Latin explores the science behind our everyday experiences and speaks to key scientists working in Scotland. In an increasingly noisy world, silence is becoming a rare commodity but what do we actually mean by 'silence' and how does it feel to immerse yourself in a sound free environment? From a world war II fuel tank hidden in the heart of the Highlands which houses the longest echo on record to an anechoic chamber where silence is absolute. In between she considered the value of silence and whether you can ever truly switch off the world, physically or mentally ... and whether you would want to.

DC-TZ90  f/3.7 1/80 sec. ISO-125 7mm (35mm focal length 44mm)

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