There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Glass House at Childhood's Gate after a Flurry

A little bit of snow moved through in the morning, leaving a coating of flurries behind. Powdered sugar snow, I call it. The lightest dusting possible. Ephemeral. As soon as the morning light hits it, it begins to melt.

I decided it was time for my first visit to the Arboretum in the new year. The clouds that follow snow, no matter how small a snow, are some of the most dramatic ones you'll see. So I had fun with the sky. Clouds, light, shadows.

I walked to the back of the children's garden, Childhood's Gate. There I said hello to the big caterpillar, and stopped for a minute to watch the birds at the feeders. Nobody was around; in the mornings, the gardens are deserted. On winter mornings, especially.

I rounded the corner at the Glass House, with its Christmas tree still inside. There was a tiny coating of snow on the path ahead of me, and the Glass House almost seemed to glow with the morning sun's golden light.

For my soundtrack tune, I've picked a Neil Young song. But I actually like Nils Lofgren's cover of it better than Neil's! So here is Nils with Winterlong.

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