... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nēnē Macro

Closer and curvier in large.
Extra: The animals went in three by three?

I wanted (/needed) to get close to the uplifting emperor geese, so took the macro lens to the Wetland Centre; the nēnēs had snuck out of their enclosure (to the tundra geese...), so I photographed them as well. In the end, I only photographed the birds in that part of the centre (so emperor, red-breasted, white-fronted, barnacle, and Hawaiian geese), but it was nice to mooch with them for a while; the emperors nibbled on my lens hood and camera bag, and I managed to stroke a snoozing nēnē.

Other (mostly) macros here (or right from Nēnē & emperor yin yang)

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