By MamaB

Candle reflections and patterns

Its been peaceful in the house without our daughter at home. Its her last day in Amsterdam today, and she is on her way home on the Ferry as I write this. They've had a good time from the sounds of it, but I don't envy them the journey on the Ferry, not my favourite mode of transport. I always feel really sick. After work I stopped off to do a bit of grocery shopping. I've been really good with following slimming world, but It has meant that I have to be a bit more organised regarding food prep, particularly for lunches at work. You would not believe the biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate that staff have brought in after Christmas and I'm pleased to report that I have refused and ignored all of it. So tea is all prepared and in the oven. Now to make some soup. and whilst the oven is on, feet up and chill. Enjoying the light and scent from the candle. Reminds me of a Kaleidoscope.

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