The posh part!

This is a view from The Chesterfield Hospital in Clifton, the posh and very expensive part of Bristol.  These houses look great from the front with their posh stone exterior, from the rear they look like an "ordinary" row of terraced houses.

Good news (and bad news).  The good news is that I am allowed to swim again!  I said that the physio had said not until my hip was better.  As he is a sports and exercise doctor (and will be the lead doctor for Team GB at the next Olympics he asked if I would like him to look at it, so I did.  The bad news is that he thinks the same as the GP that I probably have a tear in the labrum.  He has links with surgeons but has said if the GP refers me to him he can request an MRI, rather than a surgeon who might just want to operate.

He didn't say not to swim though, so I will talk it through with the physio, but I am so happy to be so close to swimming again!

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