How long is it 'til the days start stretching out again..?

After yesterday's blip noting the failings of CCTV in one situation, I was speaking today to someone who was caught out thanks to a more vigilant set up elsewhere. A work colleague of theirs had been leaving a car park and had kindly handed over their now surplus to requirements all-day parking ticket. They returned to find a £39 parking ticket attached to the car, and when they contacted the car park management they were told that they'd been seen accepting the ticket and, as they're not transferrable, had been issued the fine. I've done this numerous times when I've been leaving a car park and had lots of time left on a ticket, and I've also accepted the same on a few occasions, but I'll be very wary of this in future.

I guess the spirit of Christmas and goodwill to all men (or women) doesn't extend to Stirling Council car parks when there's a few sneaky extra quid to be made. Little wonder the High Streets are being run down to the ground with jobsworthy killjoys like that.

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