Gillian Anne the tank engine

I'm away to Bath for an LRPS advisory observation later today and have a few errands to run this afternoon, so an early(ish) blip.

This is Gillian Anne, a 16mm scale, garden railway locomotive built by Gill's father.  Brian suffered a stroke when he was 50 and retired a few years later.  He had been a metal and woodwork teacher, so to maintain his dexterity he took up modelling and built a really quite impressive garden layout along with a couple of sailing yachts.  They were all named after family members & radio controlled.  This particular loco was built by Brian - a live steam engine with the left hand tank for gas (lighter fuel) and the right hand one for water.  The railway layout has a siding in the garage with an exit through the wall onto the external tracks.  The points were air pressure operated and controlled from a separate board which also ran the signalling.  After he had died Gill wanted to keep this loco and some carriages, it now sits in our conservatory on a high up window sill on a length of track.

I did get to drive it around their garden once - wonderful fun :-)

8 images stacked together in Helicon Focus, looks better in large.

Update:  I managed to remove the adaptor from the eBay Canon mount lens so it is now looking good on the old A-1.  steveng_film may yet become a reality ... if I ever stop accumulating old photo equipment and instead,  go out and use some of it  :-)

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