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Out for a bracing walk and fish & chips by the seaside. Ramsgate for a nice change as it's been in the news so  much of late. The light was horrible, so I didn't bother getting my camera out of the car, but the fish and chips were rather lovely and so was a walk along the front and then up to the top, Wellington Crescent, to walk back down to the harbour and then up into town.

For those who don't know the area the ornate building to the right of the shot was part of Granville Marina and was built by the owner of the Granville Hotel, 70 feet above on Victoria Parade. This building juts out further then the others because it was designed to hide the railway terminus which was built beyond it, between Granville Marina and the harbour. The railway arrived there through a steep tunnel to Ramsgate Harbour station and that tunnel is now part of a tourist attraction; Ramsgate Wartime Tunnels.

Had a quick look at the port too - the dredger was working away but the berths still look very narrow and certainly wouldn't handle the ferries we're familiar with further along the coast at Dover.

More bits of Ramsgate in the extras bin.

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