Friday has been busy. Work, lunch, work, ironing, dinner… 

Work had a few positive moments, but mostly it was just about taking phone calls and drafting press statements. 

I write very little about Brexit on here these days because it would get quite tedious for the reader. Watching the headless chickens down south preparing to spontaneously combust the country is not a lot of laughs of course. 

Occasionally a beacon of hope flares up, usually on the SNP benches (and so carefully ignored by the media), and this guy was one of them this week. It’s a 6 minute clip, but worth hearing. 

Home Truths

Ironically, this week saw some media concern about threats and intimidation to a couple of pro Remain (white) politicians. The daily abuse suffered by David and folk like Dianne Abbott just drifts by unnoticed. David should move to Scotland and join the SNP. He’s wasted where he is. 

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