Reikes small life...

By Reike

Castle Marschlins

Everything is totally messed up.

Yesterday I worked the whole day on my laptop, finished after midnight and decided to quickly check for my blip - to then realise that my photo folder with the pictures from the past three months had vanished.

A normal recovery tool had no success. My younger brother tried to recover the pictures but the process got hung up during the night.

Today then my computer died.

Philipp and my brother try to save my computer. I don't think the pictures can be saved, but I am happy to at least have those stored on Blip in full size.

For now I only have my tablet to work on pictures. I don't know when normal service can resume (or if I will ever be happy again)..

I find especially painful that as having being unemployed these past three months, my pictures were the only real productive thing I created.

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