...from disaster

1 of my african violet plants

to share on this flowerfriday

i had 5 african violet plants - i was only able to rescue 2 - the others were total losses - due to being hit by the extreme force - of overhead water from the ceiling collapse - in addition to the accumulation - of waterlogged insulation smothering - the poor things - i am heartbroken over losing them - yet thrilled i was able - to walk away with 2

out of a horrific tragedy - comes hope with these - remaining little violet plants - they will be a constant - reminder that survival exists - in the midst of challenges - and we must not give up - just as the plants haven't - i am counting on them - to produce tiny blooms again - for me in whatever new home - i end up in - for truly that would be the finishing touch - on all of this - undoubtedly leading to...


happy day.....

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