By Shutterup

It begins

2019 has begun... it is official!!  The first two batches of marmalade are in the pot... and set!  Pleased l have manage to make two lots so far as l am heading north for a week tomorrow and l am not sure if the oranges will be around when l get back... it is always rather a short season. 

The choir social... a lot of talented people getting up and singing solos and duets (many for the first time) all very impressive.. there were a couple of non musical recitals of poems and stories and hubby added himself to the list by playing the bagpipes.. which was well received and left us all a little deaf for a few moments!!  I keep trying to tell him it is better to hear the bagpipes drifting on the air outside and not in an echoey hall.. but so far..hehe.. he did well.. 

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