Journal of Jackie

By Jackie18

More settled

Rafi's temperature has gone down today thank goodness. He's more settled, but coughing like mad. His cough is so powerful he managed to shoot phlegm at the over- bed tv, and in the poor nurses faces!

I'm getting quite good at suctioning now, I hope Kiera is impressed when she visits tomorrow.
He did some more good nodding with the physios today, they are pleased with his progress.
Whilst he was out in his chair today he was so tired he had his eyes closed. As soon as we put 'gangham style' on you tube he woke up to look at it, the power of music.
Jodie and Nina had a day off visiting today so they can have an early night. Peter and Sarah have finally made it up, it's great to see them both, Rafi always loves them visiting.

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