Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

A few things on the go

This is my cunning art drying stack. I have a few pieces on the go. Paper taped to boards adding various layers of acrylic paint. I'm seeing them as exercises or samples or development of ideas. Having several on the go means I can work on one while others are drying but eventually have to wait for them all to dry.

I'm embarking on a year long challenge to myself of sorting my stuff. I'm not following one particular guru just picking things that work for me. The goal is to move things on in some way each day. I will try to record significant progress points here. Today I made a start on 2 plastic filing boxes. When we moved in October I didn't have time or energy to filter I just put all the contents of 2 filing cabinet drawers into the boxes in extra. Today's progress was separating all of the empty sections out, then sorting the rest into things that are ongoing and need to be accessed (one box) and things that are just being stored with nothing else going in them. But all of that category needs going through asking the question cam it go. It is not at all straight forward. But today I culled some papers that I printed about photography from the internet at least 15 years ago. That info is all online in more up to date form.

I realise that I used to print things off to read because in the past my computer was a big thing that I had to sit at my desk to use. So if I wanted to read things while travelling, say, or in bed they had to be printed. But then came laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablet, and now I am pretty happy reading on screen rather than paper being required. And I never look at old references that I've printed and filed so what is the point of them?

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