Waxwing time

This morning a trip to the tip to dispose of some old stuff that zeph no longer required . Upon returning home I spent 1/2 hour on the computer I then decided to check out the latest bird news app on my phone. I noticed in the local news that 2 waxwings had been seen in a local supermarket car park nearly an hour ago. I decided to pick up my camera and hope that they was still around. as it was only about 2 miles from home.
Upon my arrival I took a slow drive around the Car park at Waitrose , as I got towards the exit I spotted them sat in a nearby tree. I parked up the car and manged to get some good views of them. In my haste I didnt pick up my  400x lens so had to make do with my 300x lens. Not the best of light for taking photos and they decided to hide on the far side of the trees when feeding.I have seen these birds on a few occasions  and have blipped them a couple of time but it is always nice to see these lovely winter visitors. Fingers crossed they hang around and I can go see them again with my big lens and i better light. I went with this shot as I like the way you can see its delicate foot from below but for those of you that are interested some more shots can be seen HERE .
This afternoon a drive to pick Julie up and a trip to Asda for a change to pick up a few bits.

A relaxing evening is on the cards with a few beers at home and a spot of TV or a film.

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