By springlilly

Sandy dog

I had a lovely walk this afternoon on Narin Beach, silly Bubbles, got covered in wet sand.
The extra is from further along the beach there loads of what looked like innocent water bubbles sitting on the sands, but (& thanks to Michael for the research) they were Phronima
These tiny creatures are found throughout the world’s oceans, swimming in open water; in order to do this, they take advantage of another sea creature, the salp, to survive in the open water.
Salps are barrel-shaped, gelatinous zooplankton which drift throughout the world’s oceans. Phronima attack these vulnerable creatures and what follows is quite gory.  Equipped with impressive front claws, Phronima carves away their insides to leave an empty barrel structure. It then climbs inside and sails the sea from within, feeding off food in the water as they go.
They are believed to have been the inspiration for the film 'Alien'!
I even took a little video of them, as they were quite active & to think, I even “saved” these 3 by returning them to the sea.

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