What I've Done

By JohnGravett


I lost my Dad a few years ago, after selling his house, some of his stuff came up here and basically filled my old darkroom up. I've decided that this winter is the time to clear up / out a lot of it. Today I came across a box of photos. 

As photographers, we know how important photographs are to our lives. These pictures include my Dad during the war, photos of his parents, pics of his wedding day to my Mum. Photos of them ballroom dancing (they even appeared on "Come Dancing") ... 

... and if you look at the pic on the bottom row of the lady with the small boy, that is a certain landscape photographer that a few of you know quite well!

Some stuff simply shouldn't get thrown away - these and others - have gone in a box and will be scanned and put in a book - with names, to be passed on to my children so they know where they come from.

Photography is the most important invention of our time, (but I might be slightly biased!)

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