Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

I’m sure I took a photograph today...

... but apparently not!
So here is a screen shot of my FitBit from this morning. I bought this FitBit Charge 3 back at the beginning of December, ostensibly because it would record swimming. But it seems my true motive was simply because I liked the look of it because until yesterday I’d never looked at how it records swimming!
It only records any exercise of 10 minutes or longer and so here is the encouragement I need to be sure I have a decent length of swim each day. And that means swimming not treading water while playing with the GoPro in the water.
And it might encourage me to do some training in the indoor pool. The problem is that although I’m well aware I will be 70 in 3 weeks time I still plan things as if I was 20!
I best get back to my crocheting...

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